Rethinking our project

We took some time over the past few days to have a think about our project and what we might like to change. As a group we were interested in the ArchOS system developed collaboratively between the Archaeology and Digital Art and Technology departments at Plymouth University and were interested in creating something of a similar nature combining technology and environmental sensors with the city.

ArchOS was developed for the build of Portland Square, one of Plymouth University’s buildings. It uses sensors attached to the building to measure wind speed, temperature and so on. As our module project is described in a nutshell as an Urban API, which translates to me as an interaction between people and the city, we thought of using a similar system but sensing people’s behaviour as opposed to environmental variables.

To this end we settled on movement of pedestrians. We are interested to find how pedestrians move through the city of Plymouth, where they go and when. This satisfies half of the brief, the portion which is looking for data from the city, however we are yet to think of a way to make this interactive.


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