Day 2: Installing LEDs

Once we managed to solder 11 LEDs, we decided to hook them up to an arduino and test to see if the LEDs worked and to double check if we had enough power to power all 11 LEDs of one arduino. The first photo shows all the wires connected running of a battery, this was just a test and wont look this messy.

Day 2 LEDs connected


Once we put the LEDs in the correct holes this was the result we got, the 2 middle ones wasn’t working that was due to the soldering.


Day 2 All LEDs 2 Day 2 Example Day 2 Example 2


While 3 of us were testing the LEDs, we had 1 person testing and configuring the sensors to detecting movement.

Day 2 Sensors


By the end of the day we had all 44 LEDs soldered up and placed into the correct holes. Before we put them through the holes we had to test all LEDs just to double check they were working before going ahead and positioning them.

Day 2 All LEDs


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