Day 3: Finishing Up

We started today of by arranging the LEDs by assigning them individual numbers 1 to 11 as we’re using 11 LEDs per arduino, and splitting them up into 4 sections. The Diagram shows that each LED is wired up to a certain arduino in the section, the arduino being the box in the middle of each section.

Day 3 Organizing

We are planning on using 4 arduinos, 1 master and 3 slaves so we can power all LEDs without loosing the individual control of each one. We can also only control 13 LEDs max per arduino but as we’re using 3 slaves we need to leave 2 slots free. Below is an image showing some of the code behind the 4 arduinos.

Day 3 Master/Slave Day 3 Master/Slave 2

Once all the arduinos had the code uploaded onto them, we began putting all the LED wires into the correct socket.

Day 3 Wiring Up

Once we had all the LEDs wired up we tested, we sorted the ones that weren’t working and started soldering the sensors into place and got them connected up.

Day 3 lights Day 3 nearly there

Once we completed the coding for each arduino and fixed all the wiring niggles we tested the board out. Here is a video of the result:


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