Relocalism and pop-up art

In a recent DAT203 lecture we were shown the idea of relocalism from a blog by Cara Courage. Her idea of ‘grassroots arts-led interventions’ fits in with the idea mentioned in our previous post. As we are attempting to regenerate and drive the general public back into abandoned areas of Plymouth we are going to look into the idea of creating similar projects to those she refers to from Detroit which involve ‘grassroots cultural regeneration’.

One method of this that we looked at was ‘Chairbombing’, of which a good example can be found on DoTank Brooklyn. For two days Williamsburg Walks took the urban area of Bedford Avenue and made a park-like area complete with grass, plants and communal seating areas to encourage members of the public to rethink public space.

Williamsburg Walks' Chair-bombing piece on Bedford Avenue

Williamsburg Walks’ Chair-bombing piece on Bedford Avenue

These ideas have given us a basis on the kind of methods that can be used to drive people back into an abandoned urban area and make the public explore the idea that these areas can be used for constructive purposes again.


Initial ideas

Having met with Mike Blow earlier today we are a lot clearer on the goal of the assignment.

After discussing a few ideas, we focussed on how businesses and other facilities are shutting down creating empty buildings and even whole streets such as Western Approach and the Palace Theatre on Union Street.

We have been trying to think of ways to bring people back into the area and regenerate the social scene as using the shop fronts for traditional businesses is obviously no longer viable. One idea we have contemplated is creating a venue similar to @bristol using the whole unused frontage of Western Approach in the hope that it will bring something different and vibrant into a dated and derelict area of the city.

That’s all for now, keep checking back for further updates.