Project Proposal

DAT 203 Urban API Project Proposal


To create a visual experience which allows the user to interact with a visual history of the Palace Theatre and contribute their own memories of it for others, giving an insight into what the Union Street area, particularly the Palace Theatre means to the general public and how it could possibly be utilised in the future.


Method 1

A small wooden or metal box decorated to fit in with the façade of the Palace Theatre, fixed to the outside of it. A peephole on the box will look through onto a 3.2” inch screen which will show a photosynthed, reconstruction of the Palace Theatre, evolving over the years which can be explored through the use of a joystick. Whilst interacting with the footage the user will hear sound-clips others have recorded of their memories of the Palace Theatre. The user will be prompted on the outside of the box to hold down a record button and speak their memories of the area and the Palace Theatre in particular into the microphone which will ideally be uploaded to a web server or possibly stored on an SD card. These recordings will then be approved, edited and added to the piece for the next day’s exhibition.

Method 2

Instead of using a physical peephole the user will either scan a QR code or point a smartphone or similar device at the Palace Theatre which will display the same media augmented in front of the façade. The joystick interaction will be replaced with use of the device’s touchscreen or accelerometer and the device’s in-built microphone will record the memories which the user can then upload directly to our web server.

Equipment required on site

Method 1

• Arduino Mega
• Microphone Sensor
• Motion Sensor (?)
• 3.2” LCD Screen
• Power supply
• SD Card and adapter (?)
• Secure lockable Box

Method 2

• QR code (?)

Possible Difficulties

• Theft of equipment
• Adequate power supply
• Durability and weather tightness of equipment


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